10 Brilliant Marketing Strategies of Fast-Growing Businesses and What We Can Learn From Them

by paulination

Promoting a product or service requires a few special techniques. In getting your message across, you have to win people’s attention. Does this mean spending a fortune on tv and print ads the way multi-national companies like Coca-cola and McDonalds do? Absolutely not!

Let’s forget about the giants. These 10 flourishing brands show us how it’s done:

1. Chipotle: Establish an emotional connection to your brand.

People want to feel part of a bigger cause. This restaurant chain successfully inspired people to identify with their company’s social mission when they created and released a short animated film on Youtube called “The Scarecrow” to make a stand against GMO foods.

2. Freshbooks: Drive loyalty by going beyond your product.

This online accounting company knows what their target audience of entrepreneurs need, so they publish a series of blog posts that are so educational for entrepreneurs. Spilling the beans has earned them millions of loyal customers.

3. Shoe Dazzle: Make your audience involved.

If customers believe their input matters, they will be more engaged. Shoe Dazzle interacts directly to its customers via social media outlets, asking for their opinions on various style and brand-related subjects. Their site also prompts new members to take a quick fashion quiz to discover their personal style.

Dropbox: Encourage word-of-mouth.

Source: Lisette

Source: Lisette

Dropbox, a cloud storage service, rewards their users’ effort of spreading the word about their product. They offer incentives for referrals

5. Buzzfeed: Pique your audience curiosity thru catchy headlines.

Source: Felix Huth

Source: Felix Huth

What makes you almost automatically click thru the newest Buzzfeed article? Well who would want to miss on the “25 Things Cats are Secretly Obsessed With”? People will always want their curiosity satisfied.

6. Birchbox: Show your product in action

Birchbox hair and beauty products provide hair and make-up tutorials and exhibit inspiring images. By creating a link between their products and experience, they’re able to connect to their customers.

7. Evernote: Get your users to promote your product

The people behind Evernote, a notetaking app, developed an Ambassador Program, a community of users who volunteer to show others how to use the app. They let their existing users open the gate to more prospects.

8. Lorna Jane: Deliver content that stands on its own merit

Lorna Jane fashion brand has an online store for hard sell and a separate website that publishes content aimed at inspiring women to be passionate about fitness and healthy lifestyle. Inspirational stories travel far and wide compared to brand-focused advertising.

9. SAP: Make your employees part of your campaign

Source: Cory Genier

Source: Cory Genier

SAP, a software company encourages its employees to write about aspects of the product they are passionate about. They recognize that the company is already staffed with experts on the services they offer.

10. Ziva Jewels: Demonstrate expertise

This jewelry designer brand published an e-book to guide their customers in buying diamonds and gemstones. People spend time doing research before buying anything of value. They will trust the brand that provides them with extensive information

What’s the key takeaway? Play on psychology.

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