199Jobs at Freelance Camp Manila


The Freelance Camp Manila was held last October 2, 2013 at the SM Megatrade Hall and the 199Jobs Team was there to meet other freelancers and entrepreneurs who attended the conference.

Co-founder Fitz Villafuerte also gave a talk entitled How I Got Out of the Rat Race To Achieve Time, Location, and Financial Freedom, which talks about how freelancers can work towards financial independence.

Embedded below is his presentation and a few notes about the slides.

Fitz, like many freelancers, are part of the “Slash Generation”. These are individuals who wear many hats in their daily lives. They are freelancers / entrepreneurs / bloggers / marketers and many other “slashes” (and thus the name).

To become successful as a freelancer, one must be able to achieve several goals in their career, which all starts with cultivating one’s passion for work and learning to work hard for it (while having fun, of course).

And despite our many roles, one must find their focus and concentrate on one project at a time. This often requires oneself to push through many obstacles, with self-doubt being the most critical.

To upgrade from being a freelancer to an entrepreneur, one must treat work like science – that is to document everything their do, to measure and determine the most efficient ways that one makes money.

Throughout one’s lifetime as a freelancer, they will learn many things, that’s why emphasis on self-education is given. Because once you are able to develop a system for your work, you can now duplicate yourself and scale up your income.

When cashflow starts to come in, it’s important to always manage one’s finances. At the most basic level, there are only three things to do here: Save money, protect yourself from financial disasters, and grow one’s wealth through investing.

Lastly, one should take time to invest in a better world by paying all the learnings they had forward to the next generation.

The talk ended with a quote that sums up the experience of building one’s wealth to achieve financial freedom, which is spending the first few years of your life like most people won’t, so you can live the rest of your life like most people can’t.

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