3 Easy Ways To Overcome Your Fear of Outsourcing


by AngelC

These days, outsourcing is common in a business and it has already been proven effective. Today, sales, marketing, customer service, HR management, IT support, web design, web content, and legal support are among the services being outsourced. Outsourcing is not only to reduce your expenses but also for you to put more focus on the core objective your business.

No matter what type of business you are into, delegating a task outside is now easier than it was in early 2000 when it started to become popular. And as an entrepreneur, this may be the first time you will do it, and I understand that you are a bit skeptical. But no need to worry, following the three easy ways below can help you in getting over your fear of outsourcing.

Choose the right task for outsource
Evaluate each in-house task that you think needs outsourcing. Choose the one that requires you to spend a lot of time and money. Then, make an in-depth study on the possible result once you decide to outsource it. Note that it is better to save time than money, especially if the task requires thorough monitoring. However, make sure that you will not lose control over it.

Provide criteria of the right person who will do the job
Before finding someone to do the job, you should make a list of qualifications that he or she should possess. This includes educational and professional background, field of expertise, skill level, years of experience, and other related aspects. You should also prepare a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that he should be able to hit, once you hire him. However, make sure your target is doable.

Collect applicants then select carefully
Based on the qualifications you set, you are now ready to find someone who will do it. And although you can find tons of applicants online and offline, it is always better to have a wide selection to choose from. Conduct a thorough interview on each of them. As much as possible, ask them to show you some of their earlier works and get the reviews of their previous clients.

As for the bonus tip, remember that the purpose of outsourcing is not only to save money and time. Therefore, you should not immediately grab the one that offers the cheapest price or the one who can do it the fastest time. Go for quality, and not quantity. You don’t want to lose your customers just because you choose the wrong person for the job.

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