4 Simple Tips to Nurture Your Creativity for Work

Creativity is often thought of as creating something out of nothing. It’s an original idea coming out from our imagination. Or a new product, made by our imagination for a purpose.

Inventions and innovations are products of creativity. And the driving force for an individual’s imagination to create is purpose.

Creativity Tip #1: Have a goal

A goal sets the direction to which you have to go. A goal determines the things that you have to use to complete the process of creation.

Creativity Tip #2: Forget about the rules

Rules and standards are the enemies of creativity, not because rules prevents one from being creative, but oftentimes it limits or set boundaries to your process.

Moments of creativity are those episodes when you forget the rules, when you do things without following a set of standards or staying within a limitation.

Creativity Tip #3: Just start

Wanting to be creative stimulates the imagination, but the execution of your initial ideas is what feeds your creativity. Creativity is an engine that needs to warm up.

Creativity Tip #4: Find inspiration from others

When you stay within yourself, you’ll soon exhaust your creative fuel. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to replenish by finding inspiration from others.

You can try something new. Experience something unrelated to your work. Look at things with a different eye. And soon enough, new ideas that can fuel your creativity will come to mind.

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