45 Brilliant Words That All Superb Writers Know How To Use

Two of your friends went to Boracay for the weekend.

On their return, you asked each of them how their vacation went.

“It was very good. I had a very wonderful time,” says your first friend.

Meanwhile, your second friend says, “It was excellent. I had an awesome time.”

Based on their answers, who do you think enjoyed their trip more?


Indeed, it sounds like your second friend had a better time in Boracay.

Regardless of what actually happened, their choice of words were enough for you to reach that conclusion.

Do you know the biggest factor that affected your choice?

The four-letter word: “VERY”

American novelist, Florence King once said:

‘Very’ is the most useless word in the English language and can always come out. More than useless, it is treacherous because it invariably weakens what it is intended to strengthen.

So the next time you’re tempted to use the word “very”, consider using these words instead:



Avoid saying “very tall”, rather say towering or statuesque.

Avoid saying “very important”, rather say critical or significant.

Avoid saying “very sure”, rather say confident or convinced.

Avoid saying “very special”, rather say exclusive or extraordinary.

Avoid saying “very easy”, rather say effortless or straightforward.

So there you have it, 45 55 words and one simple rule that can help you become a better writer today.


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