5 Easy Ways To Create Better Content For Your Website

Creating content for your website can be a challenge.

You have your regular readers to think about, making sure that your topics are fresh and up-to-date. On the other hand, there are also your first time visitors, whom you want to find your content interesting enough to come back for more.

Below are five strategies we found, which can help you create better content that caters to both audience.

1. Leverage on powerful content that others have already created.

Fastcompany recently shared that content creation can be a powerful tool to bolster your brand. This was the strategy that made TED Talks the success that it is now.

There are a lot of ideas out there. Find them for your audience and share them on your website. Not only will they be grateful for it, but it’s also not that difficult to do for your content team.

2. Exercise your idea muscle in the morning.

Of course, you’d also want to create original content yourself. One way you can do this is by “remote associates thinking”, especially in the morning upon waking up.

David Kadavy suggests doing some creative work at the time when your brain hasn’t had time to organize itself yet.

This makes connecting two or more normally unrelated thoughts easier to fuse into an workable content idea as there is less resistance with our “logical” mindset.

He says that our brain has a bunch of balls bouncing around, and when two balls collide — that’s when an idea pops. Try to write a blog post during this time, and you might capture random thoughts merging into an idea worth exploring.

3. Make your content engaging.

LEAP came up with a helpful infographic, which lists 21 types of content that will make readers crave for more.

4. But make it scannable for the lazy and picky readers.

There’s an incredible flood of information online, and people don’t want to waste time reading content that will otherwise prove useless to them. That’s why most people browse an article first, before deciding if they’ll read it.

A recent article posted over at Copyblogger gives some tips on how you can make your content easier to digest. Among our favorite tips are using short and simple words, and breaking your content with subhead.

A list content is also a great way to make your post scannable.

5. Make a content team for faster creation.

When you’re serious about your content marketing strategy, then creating a team becomes necessary. Fortunately, they need not be working in the same place to produce results.

DesignMap gives us several tips on how a remote team can successfully work together.

The article is a lengthy read. But in essence, it suggests the need to “reach out and establish connections, set clear priorities and expectations and, most importantly, ask for feedback early and often in the design process.”

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