5 Reasons Why Your Business Website Should Have a Blog


by carpediem

Nowadays where everything is just one click away, blogging has become a vital tool for business – it’s like having a Scottie Pippen to your Michael Jordan. And today, having a business blog can have a huge impact on your business’ success.

Here are five reasons why your business website should have a blog:

To Make your Business Visible on Search Engines
Blogging keeps your website up-to-date. With fresh content, your search engine rankings will improve because search engine robots will visit your site more often.

To Improve the Site’s Keyword Optimization
Search engines determine when to display your website for a particular search phrase by analyzing its content and keywords. Blogs make your website easy to find when it contains the keywords and contents that people are searching for. Blogging also provides you more space to inform your customers about the other features of your business.

To Build Credibility and Reputation
People trust the contents of a blog more than a sales message. Make yourself an authority about a particular field by demonstrating your expertise about that subject in your blog. Become the primary source for people searching information regarding your field. Consistently creating helpful blogs, with your business name on it, can boost your business reputation.

To Improve Marketing
Blogs are used by businesses to generate more leads. Statistics show that small businesses that blog generated 126% more leads than those who don’t. Sharing your blog to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter will drive the traffic towards your site. Customers are intrigued every time they see a controversy stirring within a blog post. The intrigued customers can be potential clients.

To Reach Out
Blogging serves as the human side of your business. It enables you to connect to the customers in a unique way. It creates a close relationship between you and the customers. It makes the interaction between you and the sellers convenient. Blogs are used to educate and answer all the questions of your prospects or clients about your business.

The reasons listed should be able to convince you why blogging is so important to the growth of your business. If you’re still not blogging, then you better start now.

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