5 Ways to Get the Best Results when Working with Freelancers

by Divine

I have been working as a freelancer for quite some time now and I have also talked to freelancers. In my experience and conversations with fellow freelancers, I have learned one very important ingredient in getting the best results when working with freelancers and that is boosting the morale of the freelancer and keeping it high.

Below are some tips and tricks to make this possible.

1. Be clear and specific about what you want

It is better to over communicate than to under communicate. For example, don’t just say I want to have a poster for my Facebook page. Think carefully about what you want. Do you care about the color or the size of the poster?

Be as specific as possible. State your preferences so that your freelancer will have a better idea about what you want. Give out references if necessary. When you are clear and specific about what you want, your freelancer will give better results.

2. Be gentle

Let’s be honest. Not every work done by your freelancers may be what you expected. It doesn’t mean that they are bad freelancers though. There are many factors that may have contributed to that. Be gentle when giving negative feedback.

Avoid “you” messages. Use “I” messages then give your suggestions. For instance, instead of saying “Your work is garbage,” say, “I didn’t like the color. Perhaps it would improve if you make it brighter.”

3. Show appreciation

Appreciation goes a long way. A simple thank you for a job well done will do. Saying something like “this job is so easy, I can even do it myself” will belittle the freelancer’s skills.

Do not take their work for granted just because it is easy for them to do. Remember that it might have taken them years of experience before the job became easy for them.

4. Invest in them

Freelancers really appreciate it when the client invests in them. It makes them feel important and valued.

For example, client Joe bought a Wacom Tablet worth $300 for his freelancer Paolo who is a 3D artist. This boosted the morale of the Paolo and he became more efficient. In the end, it was a win-win situation for both Joe and Paolo.

5. Respect freelancer’s rate

I like how someone has put it this way, “When you pay minimum wage, you also get minimum efforts.”

Rates vary among freelancers based on the freelancer’s years of experience, scope of work and the size of the project. Negotiate if you must. You may say something like “Your rate is fair and reasonable but I have only this much budget for this job. Is there a way we can work around this budget?”

The freelancer may give you a discount or he may lessen the scope of his work so that it suits your budget.

It’s not only about getting the work done. It’s about getting the best results possible. Do this by heightening the spirit of the freelancer. In the end, both you and your freelancer win.

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