6 Questions To Ask When Hiring a Freelance Writer

Finding a dependable freelance writer for your business can be daunting.

Asking the right questions before you hire them can spell the difference between getting good work and a bad output for your content marketing. These 6 questions can help you filter the right freelance writer.

1. What is your writing experience?

Knowing their writing experience helps in your salary negotiations with the writer. Less experienced writers will have more affordable rates.

But it’s important to remember that hiring a newbie can produce mediocre work, and you’d have to still give them guidance to get the quality of results you need.

2. Can you show me a sample of your work?

This is the easiest way to check the quality of their writing skills.

Read the articles that your candidate has written before. Preferably essays and blog articles, and not sample work from a thesis or research paper which could have been edited by someone. Check if their style of writing aligns with your brand.

3. Are you a part-time or full time freelance writer?

As an employer, you need to know whether the one you are hiring has existing contracts with other employers.

It is you alone, who knows whether your business needs a full-time worker or not. But if you are just starting up, it is highly recommended that you hire part-time writers first and see how far your business can thrive with this idea.

4. Are you a deadline-conscious worker?

This question is very important. If the writers you hired are not serious in beating the deadline you set, you are in danger.

But this is a case-to-case basis. If you require one article per day, then check if they can deliver this by giving him a simple writing task. For example, a 500-work article to be submitted within a few hours.

A good, committed writer will submit their work before the deadline you set.

5. What is your rate?

Finance is an important aspect of your business. Fitting your costs within budget is a difficult but essential tasks.

There are writers who prefer an hourly rate, while others base it on the number of words. Decide which type of compensation you can afford, and how much.

Moreover, consider the affordability if you increase their rate. This is essential if you want to retain them for their good work.

6. What is your expertise and how do you deal with topics outside that field?

Finding an expert on your required topic can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. But be patient enough to find them.

From among the thousands of writers online, it’s best to hire a writer who is already knowledgeable in your business niche. If you can’t, then get someone who has good research skills, and eager to learn about your field.

Final Words

Investing in your content marketing is a smart idea. And investing on good, quality writers is the smart way to do it.

Freelance writers can be an integral part of your business. And in most cases, producing one high-quality article a week is better than having daily but inferior content.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that when it comes to working with a freelance writer, make sure to provide the essential information that your writer needs so they can produce quality work.

A topic and it’s article length may not always be enough. Give them the tone and reading level that you require. As well as helpful resources they can use, among other things. And always set a reasonable deadline.

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