7 New Year’s Resolutions Every Freelancer Should Make

The countdown to the new year is fast coming to a close. A few more days and we’re entering another calendar year filled with challenges and celebrations.

The question now is, how will the coming year be different from the last? The answer is up to you. But to help you, here are seven resolutions that you should consider making, if you want to level up your freelance career.

1. Examine Your Rates
Are your rates still worth your true value? Is your freelance income still at par with your costs of living?

You’ve just logged another year of work experience in your portfolio, and that alone is a good reason to raise your prices. We’re sure your skills are now better than before, so give yourself more credit and ask to be paid your worth.

2. Learn New Skills
If you haven’t learned anything new this year, then you’re not doing enough work.

The beauty of freelancing is that you’re in better control of your time than employees, which means you have greater opportunities to explore and acquire new skills.


3. Be More Organized
Do you keep your appointments in your head? Do you back up your files regularly? Do you live on a daily schedule with no long-term goals?

It’s surprising how many freelancers don’t do these simple tasks. If you’re one of them, then it’s time to set these little things in order before they progress into a big problem.

4. Ruthlessly Prioritize
The key to getting things done is to be ruthless with your priorities.

Eliminate distractions and time-wasters by learning how to say “No” to things that will take you away from your goals. Be mindful of what you do every day and you’ll discover how much you can actually accomplish with just a few hours of focus.


5. Give Up Procrastination
The opposite of success is not failure – it is inaction.

When you procrastinate, when you succumb to laziness, when you put off doing things – you are saying to yourself that you don’t want to be successful.

6. Get More Exercise
Many freelancers live a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle – spending hours every day behind their computers. It’s time to change that.

Getting regular exercise is not just good for your body, but it’s also good for your productivity. It helps in your creativity and allows your subconscious mind to sort out problems while you take your conscious thinking to a much needed rest.

7. Scale Up Your Work
Are you still doing all the work? Don’t you ever get tired of being a one-man or one-woman team?

This coming new year, start moving away from being self-employed and go towards being an entrepreneur. Document your entire work process, then learn to outsource some of them.

Create teams and duplicate yourself through others. Doing this will not only multiply your income, but also give you more time to enjoy and experience life in the coming new year.

If you need help scaling up your work, just send us a message and we’ll do our best to help you.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Please share them in the comments section.

Photo credit: rakka and bazbizsf

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