7 Quick Tips To Choosing The Right Seller


You need to finish some tasks, and you thought maybe you’d just outsource it to 199Jobs.

Good for you! Because we have thousands of sellers who can definitely help you get things done.

You now go to the site and you’re suddenly overwhelmed and lost on which job to buy. No worries! Below are 7 quick tips that will help you choose the right seller for the job.

1. Use the Search Box to look for the specific task you need.
If you need someone to manage your Facebook Page, don’t search for “Social Media Manager”. Instead, search for phrases like, “manage Facebook” or “post updates on Facebook”. This will ensure that you’ll get the most relevant results.

2. Plus points for a detailed job description.
The listing should tell clearly his or her job process. For example, “I will use Adobe Photoshop CS5 to edit your photos. Basic lightroom techniques will be utilized. You will receive the photo in JPG and PSD format.” This gives a clue that the seller actually knows what he or she is doing.

3. Check their sample works.
If they provided sample works, perhaps a link to their website or online portfolio, then make sure you check it out. This will help you see if the quality of their output is what you need and expect.

4. Consider the feedback, job rating and seller rating.
Past buyers are encouraged to leave feedback on the seller. Read through them to weigh different sellers. If there are lots of positive feedback, and their ratings are high, even if their price is more expensive than others, it may be worth it.

5. Contact the seller if you have doubts.
Send them a message if you have questions. You can even ask for sample works if they don’t have any uploaded or specified in the job description. Interview them on their qualifications if you must.

6. Read their user profile.
Click the seller’s username and get to know them better. Important things to look at are the last time they were logged-in (last activity), number of orders delivered, past work experience, their skills and their social media profiles.

7. Check the lead time of the job.
Don’t forget to consider the specified completion of the job (Delivery in…) and make sure you are giving the seller enough time to get the task done. If you need the output in 5 days, hire sellers which can deliver in 2-3 days to allow you and the seller a few days for possible revisions.

When you find a seller that satisfies most, if not all, of these 7 pointers – then you have a winner. Click the “Buy Now!” button and give yourself a pat on the back, you just earned some free time to relax.

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