8 Quick Tips on Facebook Page Management


by JorgeCattail

Social media has given us ways to promote our businesses for free, and to interact with our customers and potential buyers about any issue regarding the business or product. Facebook, being one of the widely used social networks today, can be very useful in promoting your business.

Anyone can create a Facebook page, but it takes skill and patience to maintain it. Here are a few tips that can help you manage your Facebook page:

1. Strategize.
Make a plan for yourself and your Facebook page. What do you want to accomplish? Who are your target audience? How will you promote yourself? These are just some of the questions you need to ask and answer yourself in order to manage your page successfully.

2. Let them know you’re there.
Promote your page by sharing it. Start with your friends to start with. Then, when you have a decent number of “Likes”, you can then host raffles or sweepstakes to encourage others to like and interact with your now growing Facebook page.

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3. Interact.
When you post things about your business, people will look at it and they may have questions, be it negative or positive. Always be ready to answer their queries. And if it’s a negative query, don’t be afraid to make a stand and show your audience that you know what you are doing.

4. Stand Out!
Design your page creatively. Try to design it like your webpage, if you already have it. Or design it differently so that it can stand out, and really represent your business!

5. Work it.
When posting, don’t move on right away to a new topic. Let it settle down for a few minutes. Let your audience read it, comment on it and share it, if they like. And if they have questions regarding your post, answer it politely and to the point.

6. Post Frequently.
People like it when a page updates regularly. Try to put in some encouraging messages or pictures of humor. You can even promote your latest product.

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7. Be a Person.
Even if it isn’t about your product or business, try to share a bit about yourself to the audience. Let them get to know the guy behind the page. Make them feel like you’re a friend instead of the door to door salesman. Share small accomplishments and even a bit about your life. Be a person, not a robot.

8. Be an admin.
As the page admin, it’s your job to make sure that the people posting and commenting on your page are all in good terms. If you see a bit of hostility starting up in the comments section, be ready to stop it before you lose more than potential customers. Also, make sure the things that people post on your page are appropriate and to delete inappropriate posts. Block people who continue to disrespect rules and other people.

Managing a Facebook page can be a tough job. But with a little work and dedication, one can see his business thrive, as well as meet new contacts and friends along the way.

Photo credit: sofiabudapest

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