Freelancers Should Outsource Too and Here’s Why

Hold on – I’m pretty sure you are utterly confused right now. You’re probably thinking that the title of this article doesn’t make sense.

After all, freelancers are the ones who provide services to their clients, they are the ones whom businesses outsource to. So why in the world would freelancers outsource their work also?

While it might sound atrocious as of the moment, I’m certain that after you read this article, you will understand better the advantages of doing so. And hopefully, you might consider outsourcing if you’re a freelancer.

So what are the reasons why a freelancer should outsource?

1. You can’t do everything yourself.
While it sounds like a life quote. I know freelancers will nod to agreement that work can sometimes become so overwhelming.

Even if a freelancer gives it his all, working almost 24/7 and leaving no time for his friends or family, there will be work left undone once tasks pile up. The struggle to catch the deadline worsens if you have demanding clients.

When this happens, the quality of work done will decline as you rush to keep up with the ever growing number of orders. Meanwhile, it seems that influx of work shows no signs of slowing down.

The effective solution here is to hire another freelancer who will work and help you. The quality of your output must be maintained to keep the trust of your clients. And the benefits of outsourcing will eventually in the long-term, outweigh the temporary decrease in your income.

2. It provides yourself a bit more freedom.
Another struggle that freelancers constantly work against with is the constraint with choosing your work. Although, yes, most freelancers are given the privilege to refuse work that they do not want; most of the time the only available work is the work that they do not want. So if you want to earn, you must take up that unwanted work.

For example, Julian is a freelance writer and the only available work for him is to write about women’s lingerie, which he’s knows nothing about or no interest in knowing.

What does Julian do? He can hire another freelancer to help him write the article, probably a female colleague. Outsourcing will later allow him to accept writing assignments that’s beyond his knowledge or interests.

This is the freedom that outsourcing brings to a freelancer.

How Can Freelancers Outsource

Like many things, there are proper and wrong ways to outsource. A freelancer needs a plan – even if it’ll just be a short and simple one. Below are two important tips:

1. Define what you’re looking for.
Know what type of work do you exactly need. This will dictate the skills that you’ll be looking for when you start screening candidates.

Once you have a short list of candidates, ask for sample works to see which among them closely matches your work output. This way, you two can work on the same project and there would be less difference in the quality.

2. Develop a work schedule together.
At this point, you’re no longer a freelancer but also a manager or team leader. This means explaining to them your requirements and expectations, and more importantly, developing a work schedule together.

Assign the best times and channels the you can talk and discuss projects. This will help clear communication lines so you can address project concerns in a timely manner.

And that’s why’s and how’s of outsourcing for freelancers! We hope you learned something after reading this article. Learning about something before conquering it is important. Because after all, one should not go to battle unprepared.

Happy freelancing!

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