Getting Back Your Sense of Direction As a Freelancer


As a freelancer, you get a lot of control over your time. However, when clients are few, or when work exhaustion or cashflow problems arise, it’s normal to get that feeling that maybe, a traditional 9 to 5 job would be better for you.

When freelancing becomes lonely, and you start to feel like you’re just drifting, an article from Planscope has this advise:

The best way to handle these types of feelings are to counteract them directly. If you’re feeling adrift, ask yourself why? Do you wish you were progressing more towards a goal? Do you have a goal to progress to?

Most people don’t freelance forever. They’ll end up at a company, create a consultancy, build a startup, etc. If you’re not sure what you want to do, that’s ok, but if you’re stressed about it you’ll want to try to set out some plans and a path towards a goal. It might just be “see if I want to manage a small consultancy” and start by working with some subcontractors.

Source: Happier Freelancing

Photo credit: spierisf

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