Great Places to Work When Out and About

by kbangeles04

Working in front of a computer for long stretches is a typical day for a freelancer.

It may seem boring or stressful, depending which type of freelancer you ask, but what you get in return is a lot of freedom on how you spend your time and energy. With flexible hours and the absence of a permanent working space, finding that inspiration to spark ideas and get on with work at a steady pace is one of the biggest challenges. So what do freelancers often do?

Take a break and work outside!

Choosing to work as a freelancer gives you the power to work wherever you want. Sure, you would find it convenient to work at the comfort of your home, but sometimes we just have to break the monotony and find a relaxing spot where you can unwind and function at the same time.

So, let’s explore the options, head out and enjoy the benefits of being an independent worker. Here are some of the places you might want to visit when you feel like you need an escape.

1. Coffee shop
A haven for coffee lovers. A cup of espresso or a tall glass of frappuccino, combined with comfortable seats will definitely give you a boost and a push for productivity. However, you have no control over the noise around you as the crowd gets thicker.

If you are someone who can tune out the noise and work inside your bubble (or better, you work well when there’s a lot of activity around you), then this can work to your advantage.

2. Out of town
Summer is fast approaching and a lot of people are getting excited over their out of town trips. As a freelancer, you don’t have to stay at home and sulk. You are free to join the group and bring your laptop with you. Just make sure that you have mobile internet and you’re set.

3. With other online workers
If you have a friend who also works as a freelancer, it may be a good idea to work side by side with them. It’s comforting to know that these people are also in need of a calm and peaceful environment.

With these people around, you can get help by asking them feedback and how you can improve your work. And when your job is done, you are now set to a night filled with fun and laughter.

Where is your favorite workplace?

Whether you prefer working inside your room, in an office or a coffee shop, the most important thing is that you can accomplish your work within the specified time. Chime in and let us know where you love working the most!

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