Having a Process: The Efficient Way to Achieving Work and Business Success

Whether you’re just a starting entrepreneur or already a veteran in the field of business – your days will always be filled with work meetings, project deadlines, and personal tasks.

When your work pace is slow, your schedule is a mess, and you often miss deadlines for important tasks, then business success will be hard to achieve. Mistakes at work, and chaos in your work calendar is actually something that could be minimized or eliminated, if you take the time to create and establish work processes.

Admit it or not, we usually feel bored whenever we do repetitive things. And we often procrastinate if we seem that a task is boring. Then sometimes, a project is too complex that we fail to see where to properly begin. Or we delegate work and get less than expected results.

Fortunately, this is where processes can help. As defined in the Webster dictionary, a process is simply a series of actions, tasks, or operations that progress towards an end result.

So imagine yourself trying to market your business online through a Facebook Page. If you simply post random stuff every day, then you will less likely reach and engage with your customers online.

But try to create a process. This can start with listing 14 types of post that you’ll publish on your Facebook Page for the whole week, specifically 5 text-based content, 5 images, 2 videos, and 2 links.

Next, you can set rules on what type of text do you want to post, and how do you create them. Maybe 3 of them will be quotes from famous people. Meanwhile, the other 2 will be testimonials from your customers.

Just repeat the process for the other post types. And then finally, decide on the specific times that these will be posted on the page – perhaps one between 9am and 11am, and the other between 3pm and 5pm.

Now that’s your content calendar for your Facebook Page. And it’s something you’ll just do again next week, and the week after. It’s a guide that will now help you eliminate unnecessary thinking of what to post.

Moreover, you can go further and just hire someone to do all these for you. So you can now focus on studying or analyzing how effective this posting strategy is, and find ways to improve your business marketing on Facebook.

I hope this simple example helped you realize how beneficial it really is to establish processes in the work that you do. In summary, here again are the benefits:

1. Be more productive
Since you have work processes, it will be easy to identify the tasks that you need to prioritize – which comes first and which can be done later. In the end, activities are done faster.

2. Be more organized
Now that you have a process, you will be more organized in the work that you do. You won’t forget or miss any important details. Also, it helps you to manage your time and allows you to make less mistakes.

3. Be able to understand things easier
With the help of a process, even the most difficult tasks can be understood when broken down into small steps. You can also explain your desired output to your employees or outsourced staff better.

4. Be able to have a guide for growth
When it comes to expanding your business, hiring additional staff to increase the work output will be easy as they only need to follow the process that are already in place in your business.

At the end of the day, having work processes will help you achieve success easier. So do it now.

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