How can you Make Money Online this Summer?

by kbangeles04

So what have you been doing this summer? If you’re like most people, you’d probably be looking for additional ways to make money.

Students most especially are looking for an opportunity to earn as their classes have ended (no school means no allowance). So we’ve come up with suggestions that can help you make money this summer to spend on yourself.

1. Online selling
Online selling has grown popular nowadays so use it to your advantage. You get to see a lot of sellers flooding the wall the moment you log in to your Facebook account. This summer, it is best to sell summer-appropriate items such as swimsuits, maxi dress, denim shorts, sunglasses etc.

We’ll be honest: opening up an online store might not be easy and neither is getting your first customer. You need a great deal of patience in order to be successful in this kind of business. It’s best to offer your items to your family and friends first. Ask them to write a feedback on your page. Your business will start kicking up once you get your first feedback.

2. Online Job
This summer is the best time to start looking for an online job. You can apply as an article writer, virtual assistant or data entry personnel. Sure, you may not be able to earn much on your first job, but it’s a good place to start. Eventually, you’ll be able to work for a few clients and you will be surprised with how much you can earn through these jobs.

Plus, you don’t have to leave your house, so you don’t need to allot a single peso over your transportation or meal allowance. Highlight your good points and always be ready to respond to your customer’s needs.

3. Promoter/Advertiser
This is an easy job and would only require you to work with your Facebook account. Having thousands of friends would be a must so that a lot of people will see your posts. Every person who reads your posts could turn into a possible buyer. If you’re lucky, the seller might give you a commission for their increasing sales. It’s not assured pay though but there’s no harm in trying it since it’s really easy to do.

There are a lot of opportunities that you can get over the internet. You just have to be creative and embrace every opportunity that comes your way.

How about you, any suggestions for a sideline this summer?

Photo credits: moyanbrenn and eures

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