How Do I Hire a Reliable Writer?

by carren_d.

In 199Jobs, you can post a request and get lots of writers pitching their job to help you out. But sometimes there are just so many you get confused in picking the perfect candidate. Here are a few quick tips to make sure you hire a good writer for your project.

Review the Seller’s Profile

You can look at the seller’s profile by clicking on their name as well as check out their job posts. How they describe themselves can give you a hint on what type of writer they are. Are they positive and upbeat in their tone? Does their writing convey expertise and experience? Are they genuinely helpful in their posts?

Study their Portfolio

Of course, you should also check out their uploaded files and treat that as their portfolio. It a quick way to judge their writing style and if it fits your company’s own marketing content. Casual writing works best for consumer businesses and more formal and technical writing is better for B2B companies. Some industries require in-depth knowledge and if their samples show that they did a lot of research for their article, they would be a good hire for you. Your best bet is to compare their uploaded samples to those that you would like them to emulate, as we’ll talk about below.

Ask for a New Sample

While their existing samples should be enough, sometimes you need something more. Go ahead and ask for a short and easy sample article similar to your ideal article to compare the style or the kind of voice they use. Remember to and check their sources as well if they are reliable and make sure that their articles are well polished before being submitted by checking for typographical and grammatical errors.


Interview the Writer

Having a reliable writer is like getting to know them. In hiring an employee, you do it through an interview. On top of the seller’s previous clients’ comments and feedback, doing a personal interview will also help you feel how communicating with him or her is really like. You could message the seller and ask her several questions about your job posting or simply state in your job posting to answer a question like “Why am I most fit for this job?”

Check for Professionalism

A reliable writer must be professional at all times. Not just by the way they are writing but also in meeting the requirements and sticking to their promises. Make sure that they follow all your instructions and submit at their promised time.


Use the checklist below to see if your writer is reliable. Can’t it? Don’t worry, click here to view the checklist.


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