How To Avoid Revisions from Sellers

by ShabbyChic.

Is it possible to get perfect work the first time around when buying from a seller? How can I avoid the need for revisions?

One of our priorities when it comes to work is to finish our jobs as soon as possible -– and to achieve this, it helps to get perfect work the first around. Unfortunately, this is not the usual case.

The first or initial work output is often subject for revisions, and that’s understandable. But is there a way to minimize this, especially that sometimes much more time is spent on the revisions than actually doing the original work?

To help you with this, here are the practical but essential steps to achieve excellent work output on the first submission and avoid the need for revisions.


1. Educate.
Brief the seller what the project is all about. Give them the background or an overview of the project. This way, you’re helping the seller understand why the project needs to be done.

2. Define.
Clearly and articulately define what the specific requirements are. The more detailed it is, the better.

3. Expectations.
It is normal to have expectations. We always have it – that’s why it’s a good practice for you to always inform the seller what are your expectations on the project output. This will give the seller a clearer view of what they need to come up with.

4. References.
One of the best practices I’ve learned in the corporate world is to always provide references or pegs to the development team. By providing these materials, you’re giving the seller a visual representation (or whatever applies) of your written expectations. Remember that there are visual and non-visual learners.

So there! You’re now ready to get some work output done on point. Follow these steps and get perfect work the first time around or with much less need for revisions than usual.

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