How To Be Indispensable To The Client

Job security is one of the biggest issues for home-based workers. There is always a question of whether or not the client would have you working for them for a long time.

While it’s true that your employment is based on different factors affecting the business, there is a personal dimension to it. Here are some suggestions on how to become indispensable to the client when working from home.

Build rapport with your client.
Find something common to talk about, even if it is as basic as your favorite TV show or the weather. You will find it easier to communicate with them as time passes by. Please remember, however, not to overshare especially with your personal life.

Always report to work on time.
Nothing irks a client than an employee that is always late, and punctaulity show great work ethics and respect. Report for work at least 10 minutes before your official time starts.

On the other hand, clients also expect you to log out promptly when your shift ends, unless it was agreed beforehand that you can work overtime.

Come to work ready with the proper information.
Being on time is not enough, clients expect you to be well-informed with work-related updates. Some clients hold their meetings at the start of the day, and when they ask questions, they expect answers.

It won’t be of help if you come ill-prepared and clueless about what’s happening to the business or your tasks. After all, you’ve been working on it the previous day.

Fully understand what your job is.
Even if work becomes routine, there will be variances so it is important that you peruse every document and every e-mail or other messages that is given to you for additional instructions.

The same goes on a conference call. It is best to listen carefully to what is being discussed. Make sure you also take note of important details that is relevant to your work.

If there are questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
Ingrained within the Filipino psyche the willingness to say yes to any requests or instructions even if it’s not clear cut. Clarify the task with the client before starting so that there won’t be any complications along the way.

It will be difficult to backtrack especially when you’re in the middle or, worse, at the end of your work, which would only result in wasted time, effort, and resources.

Go the extra mile with your tasks from time to time.
When you see something that could easily be done, especially if by doing it would cause no disruption and no complications in the future, then you might as well complete it.

The client appreciates small gestures that would lessen their work load, and it would endear you to them eventually.

As much as possible, be up-to-date with industry news.
Your client will most likely be updated with information that could affect their business, and when they relay it to you, you would be well-armed beforehand and could even share your opinion.

The client can then weigh in and decide a course of action based on different points of view. He or she will see your concern about the business and will be appreciative of your efforts.

In summary…

Working from home entails being mindful of small details that could make a large impact on your employment.

If the client sees your dedication and willingness to contribute to the growth of the business, then there is a big chance of you staying longer with them.

Freelancers have been let go because they have failed to show sincerity and dedication to their work, so it is within your best interest to be unlike them.