How to Be Social in Social Media: Letting Your Personality Shine Through


by erika_d

Social media has now become an integral tool for interacting with society. People have shed the need of a physical presence and made distance immaterial by existing in a plane where the only thing that matters is your mind. We now have the freedom to colourfully reinvent ourselves in a seemingly boundless terrain in cyberspace.

It lured not only the young adolescents looking for a place to express themselves, but as well as the young-at-hearts aiming to establish social connections through the magic that is the internet. What’s more is that it became an essential part of most people’s existence and would need constant reassurances through the amount of likes, shares, comments and whatnots on their posts.

In the process of vying for the public’s maddeningly short attention span, some people are willing to jump through hoops and in the process; they lose themselves in a character they take on in virtual socialization.

How then, can one’s personality shine through all that media traffic? Simple.

Be yourself.
For all the effort most people pull just to gain recognition and a shot at 10 minutes of fame, one thing is sure to work, and that is to just be you. It’s so easy to forget sometimes that we are born unique and so it’s silly to try to be anything else. Social media should not be a platform to alter what you are but to share and enhance who you already are for all to see. Personalities build more connections and gains trust more quickly than a made-up persona.

Know thyself.
You should accept and love your own person without edits and fear. By knowing yourself, you can protect your unique identity from being swayed by the roaring tide of trends and influences of everyone else. Ever heard of the saying, “Those who stand for nothing, fall for everything.”?

You are your own brand.
Now that you’ve grasped who you essentially are, keep to it. Your innate uniqueness would seep through your posts and would connect to the people you interact with in different social media networks. It’s important to use your own info and photos for authenticity. Don’t be the second best copycat. Be the first-class you.

Be as close to how you are in person when interacting.
Because we are physically disconnected from other people, the best approach in handling social media is to be as close to how you are in person as possible. Do you really talk like Yoda in real life? Are you naturally funny, or brooding? Be real. Most people who truly know you should recognize your personality in your posts.


Avoid being an attention hog.
The next thing to remember is to avoid being needy. You shouldn’t post or put up pictures just so you can get likes. Post because you want to, because it makes YOU happy. Post things that interest you and you’ll get the attention of the right kind of people.

Think before you type.
Although I’m all for the freedom of self-expression, you must remember that you’re not the only person there. So let’s show some respect and make sure that the posts, comments or pictures that you put up are in no way disrespectful or rude. A little laugh and fun posts are well and good, but don’t forget that these things affect real people. Respect others’ opinions and feelings in all social interaction, even the virtual one. No one likes a bully.

Don’t over-post.
Chill. It’s more than a little tempting to rant and ramble on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Although social media is basically used as a platform for self-expression, you shouldn’t abuse it by posting 20 statuses a day. Your Facebook is NOT your diary. When you’ve become notorious of crowding people’s news feed with nonsense, they would tend to generally ignore your posts altogether. Moreover, a little mystique and mystery could very well catch more attention than parading your every move anyway.

Share your passion.
Post about things that brings you inspiration because chances are, it might bring someone else inspiration as well. Your interests are part of what defines you as a person and the more things close to your heart you share, the better people would get to know you. If love the arts, post your drawings and your work. If you’re into reading, share your thoughts and some lines that brought about strong emotions in you. Passionate people are generally genuine. I find it difficult to feign love for any given thing.

Don’t be Narcissistic and allow your social media network page to be just about you. Join in and comment on other’s posts and ideas. Chime in on a friend’s thought provoking post or compliment a friend’s picture. Interact and form relationships with people on your social media by actively conversing and let them get to know you better. Enjoy their “company” and talk to them as much as you can. After all, that’s what all this is for.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” – Oscar Wilde

Photo credits: Gerry Balding and Rodrigo Suarez

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