How to Boost Your Social Media Presence and Become a Digital Influencer

by manette.aquino

You noticed that your competitor is generating a lot of buzz about their product and service. They are getting a strong online presence… and you are not keeping up with them!

So, you ask yourself, “How much money do they spend on marketing and advertisement?” Then you realize, you do not have a huge budget to spend for such marketing campaign!

What makes their voice be heard? Social media is doing the job for them! Your competitors simply went online and boost their online presence to become a digital influencer. Of course, you want to do the same but you ask yourself, “How?”

Here are some simple yet innovative ways to boost your social media presence and become a digital influencer.

1. Improve your profile on various social media sites.

There are over 25 social media sites where you can create your profile. However, bear in mind that work does not end in creating your profile. Review it, polish it, and most importantly, personalize it. Maximize the use of the features the site offers.

It is also noteworthy that page views on your profile can drive traffic to your website; hence, you should use a professional profile photo and a background image that reflects your business. Update your profile regularly, at least every three months.

2. Develop a smart network.

Bring your offline connections online. Invite your friends, relatives, officemates, acquaintances, former clients, even your neighbors, to connect to your network. You can also use the tools each social media site offers to identify the people you know.

You will be surprised how many new possible connections you can have based on your existing network and connections. Remember, each connection is a possible client for your business.

3. Participate in social media activities.

Business brands on social media aim for interactions, shares, and network growth. However, it is not enough that you share significant and useful content on social media sites to build your network. You should also engage in conversations with an attitude that you want to influence people will make a big difference. Be considerate and attentive how your audience react and what they say.

Be consistent with your social media activities. Dedicate a specific time of the day when to build your network and engage with them. According to research, spending five to ten minutes each day on social media before starting to work, during lunch time, late afternoon, and after dinner are the best time to share and engage with your network.

4. Step out of your comfort zone.

Explore new ideas and new territories that are not normally associated with your business. Offer people something to talk about that may enthuse a trending topic. This is a good way to call the attention of your audience.

5. Show your audience you care.

With social media, you can influence people. Become a digital influencer by showing people you care. Connect with your audience and show your support for a good cause, without focusing on your sales and profit.

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Photo credit: jasonhowie

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