How to Convert your Facebook Fans into Paying Customers

by larvs

In today’s digital age, promoting your small business online is as easy as setting up a Facebook page and spreading the word about it. Things spread pretty fast on the internet’s digital avenues, and in a matter of weeks you’ll find yourself with hundreds of fans, both old and new.

It’s great that your Facebook page has a lot of likers, but wouldn’t it be better if those likers of yours eventually become paying customers?

Here are some tips on how to enhance your Facebook page so that your fans will soon be eager to avail of your products or services.

1. Work on your content.

Sure, your post contains an image of your product service with an accompanying “Buy our product!” text, but that isn’t really appealing to your fanbase. Don’t just post, take time to work on your content and don’t rush it.

Provide content regularly so that your fans won’t look at your page as if it’s a wasteland. You don’t really have to have several posts every day, but at least make it two to three times a week.

Keep in mind the “one-in-seven rule”
This rule states that only one of your seven posts should be for promotion, the rest reserved for informative posts or other valuable content. This way your fans will see that your page isn’t a promotion-only-spewing machine.

Avoid tl;dr
tl;dr is an internet slang which means “too long; didn’t read”. Make sure your posts don’t become long walls of text, but if it’s inevitable then don’t forget to write a summary at the end that consists of a few sentences.


2. Encourage interaction

Talk to your fans
Facebook allows the use of polls to gauge what fans want. Use this to ask them what they want for your next post.

For example:

It’s time again for our Fan Request post. Today we’re here to talk about the step-by-step process on how we come up with a new concept, as requested by you our dear fans.

For our next Fan Request post, just pick your vote on these three options…

Encourage them to comment on your content, always ask for opinion, and the best thing you can do for them is to answer every question they ask. Fans love it when their voices are heard.

Hold contests or giveaways
Come up with challenging contests and make sure to properly reward those who win. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant prize, a sample pack or a discount coupon is good enough. Surprise giveaways also work well.

You can do something like this:

Visit our page at site and click the Redeem button for your free discount coupon. Hurry though, only 100 lucky fans will be able to claim it.

Ask for feedback
People who scour the internet looking for a legitimate service or merchant aren’t satisfied with just pictures or lengthy articles, they need proof that you are indeed the real deal.

Show testimonials from your past clients or customers, utilize Facebook’s option of adding reviews and ratings to a fan page, encourage posting of feedback. People are also easily convinced when they read a lot of positive fedback from other customers.


3. Exclusive customer treatment

Exclusive discounts and promos
Whenever you have a customer, ask for their email address. Afterwards you may draw a random number of emails and send them discount coupons or special promos regarding your services. Print screen the said lottery (remember to hide the emails!) and post it on your page so that your fans will know.

Need inspiration? Try this:

Christmas comes early to these five lucky customers as they will be visited by our “discount elves”.

Do you want to be visited by a discount elf? If you have availed of our service or bought a product then send us your email and proof of purchase.

Facebook discounts
You may give your discounts directly on Facebook for your fans and for your customers.

To keep it exciting, try something like this:

Flash discount time! First 10 fans who comment will receive a discount coupon For our past 20 customers, send us a message with your email address and you’ll receive a discount coupon. Ready, get set, comment!

Reward system
Keep track of your customer’s purchases and remind them of a reward system. Remember to inform your fans about the said system to encourage them.

Here’s a sample message you can post:

On the thirteenth day of Christmas my true love said to me: Redeem a Christmas basket by showing proof of five purchases made within the Yuletide Season.

A Nifty Infographic to Summarize

We hope you learned a thing or two in this post. Here’s a nifty infographic that summarizes everything.

Fans-to-Customers-infographic copy

Click here to download this infographic and embed on your site.

Photo credits: laughingsquid, stitchohana and mkhmarketing

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