How To Improve Your Creative Output


Sometimes we face creativity blocks during work, and no matter how much we try, we seem can’t produce a decent creative output.

An article from 99u suggests doing these simple tasks and exercises that can help you overcome this issue.

1. Restrict yourself
Try working withing smaller parameters and let your brain find a new or alternative approach to your problem.

2. Re-conceptualize the problem
Consider different angles and approaches to usual problems.

3. Separate work from consumption
When doing research, simply gather information and set aside a different time to analyze data.

4. Stay positive
Optimism towards work is always helps in getting those creative juices to come out.

5. Use counterfactual thinking
Imagine different outcomes to situations that have already happened.

6. Daydream
Incubate your ideas by allowing your imagination to run free.

7. Think about others
Your creative output will be often used by other people, think about them and you’ll be inspired to come up with novel ideas.

Source: 7 Ways to Boost Creativity

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