How To Outsource Blog Post and Article Writing

by enim

You might not be good in writing or organizing your thoughts in paragraphs, but you do have brilliant ideas. Or perhaps, you know how to write but don’t have the time for it.

The good news is, coming up with a regularly updated blog is not a challenge at all if you have a roster of outstanding and creative writers.

Here are five tips on how to outsource blog post or article writing to freelancers and online workers:

1. Get the right kind of writer

Determine the kind of writer you’ll be needing in your articles.

Do you need a writer who is expert in explaining how things work in the simplest and most understandable manner? Can he write about a wide variety of topics? How good is he in communicating his intent in the articles?

These are just some of the basic questions you must ask when picking writers you’ll include in the team. And here’s a tip: The more versatile the writer is, the more you need to hire him.

2. Give an overview

Give an overview of the topic/topics he’ll be writing about. Enabling the writer know about the topic beforehand will help him research about it in advance.

Once he familiarizes himself with the topic and the words related to it, further research will be less challenging and the writing process will be faster.


3. Dispense specific instructions

Spend a few minutes making a complete list of specific, clear, and concise instructions. Avoid giving vague instructions that may confuse your writer.

It’s like leading them to a wide road with many intersections they aren’t supposed to enter. The narrower the road, the more likely they will go straight to the destination without any distractions.

Some of the basic guide they need in writing for your blog are: goals and objectives of your company, target audience, tone and style you want to achieve and type of article.

4. Provide resources

Give links to credible sites where they could research for the given topic. At least, you know their sources and you can be quite confident that the article is not copy-pasted just from anywhere.

You might also need to give them samples on how your articles are usually done.

5. Check the work

Get yourself a plagiarism-checker software to ensure uniqueness of the content. Not that you don’t trust the writer, but this is a good way to avoid committing plagiarism unintentionally.

Have you outsourced article writing before? Any other tips you can share? Give them below in the comments section.

Photo credits: tpham and indi

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