How To Outsource Facebook Page Management

by enim

Journalists say that social networks such as Facebook are great places to find emerging, interesting and viral stories.

And if you play your cards well in social media, your business can get picked up the press for the engaging content that you deliver in your social media accounts, bringing you free and good publicity.

But managing a Facebook Page in particular, can become a time consuming task if you do it all alone. That’s why it’s helpful to get some help outside and outsource the management to people who can do the job well.

Here’s how you can work with new administrators for your Facebook account, and keep your community updated and continually engaged with your content.

Set the rules
Write a policy guide for your team on the following areas: what to post, schedule of creating posts, types of posts that may need your approval first, and limitations.

While Facebook gives a lot of opportunities, it can also become a harmful place, so you need to be extra careful with what your team does once they log in.

Update the roles of each team member
Set yourself as the manager of the page and then assign the four remaining roles to your team. These are the content creator, moderator, advertiser, and insights analyst.

The content creator updates the page with new posts, the moderator monitors comments, deletes spam and answers questions, the advertiser monitors your Facebook ads and the insights analyst analyzes your stats.


Communicate often
It is important to keep your social media team updated with your business. What is the company doing right now, and any future events that you’re planning, so they can easily inform your fans about it.

If your company is facing some problems, such as experiencing website downtime, then inform your team about it and what you’re doing to fix it, so they can give answers in case your community asks about it.

Be part of content creation
No one knows your business more than you, so it helps to be part of the content creation process often. If you maintain a blog, give the links of your latest posts to your content creator immediately so they can promote it on your wall while it’s still fresh.

Also, send files such as official business photos and videos that only you can provide, to your team regularly and ahead of time, so they properly plan and time the content on your page.

Does your business have a Facebook page? Do you have a social media team? How do you manage them? Share more tips on the comments section below.

Photo credits: mkhmarketing and thos003

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