How To Outsource Press Release Writing

by enim

Publishing a press release will put your company into the limelight as it is designed to get the media’s attention and motivate them to write or broadcast something interesting about your company, product, service or upcoming event.

The more journalists perceive your press release as newsworthy, the more likely they’ll race against one another to be the first to publish your story.

Here are five quick tips on how to outsource your press release writing.

Hire the right writers
If you plan to have a daily press release, hire two to three freelance writers who possess a journalistic background. Writers who have such attribute are willing to work under pressure and beat the deadliest deadline.

They also know what can and cannot catch the media’s attention. Thus, they are highly critical when it comes to veracity, balance, timeliness, and conciseness.

Provide complete information
Give your writers an accurate description of the five Ws and one H, or simply the answers to who, what, when, where, why, and how. This is the most important information that make up a press release.

Give additional resources
Besides answering the basic questions, you may also provide your writers with additional resources such as photos and videos. These resources could help them pay more attention to the details of the press release’s subject.

Set a strong deadline
Set a certain deadline that allows you to take some more time to review and proofread the press release. Setting a last minute deadline when you have no choice but to publish it right away won’t work if you’re seeking a journalist’s full approval of your story.

Remember your contact details
Ask your writers to add links of your website at the end of the press release. Make sure to add contact details too so that any interested journalist could contact you immediately.

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