How To Start and Grow a Business With Little Capital

What’s the first thing you need to start a business? The answer is NOT MONEY, but a good business IDEA.

People would always save or wait to have business capital first, and then think of a good business idea. It should be the other way around because despite limited funds, there’s always something you can do to get your business running and off the ground.

Start with what you know

Build around your SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE. This eliminates the need to do extensive research and spend on initial learning. Do you want a pastry shop? Bake those cakes and sell them from home to your friends first.

Announce it to the world

Tell EVERYONE what you’re doing (or planning to do). Let your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and even your bus seatmate know about your business. This kind of grassroots marketing is cheap but opens up opportunities and further connections.

Avoid unnecessary expenses

It’s time to manage your personal budget. Being FRUGAL can be the difference between opening your business next month or next year. The sooner you launch, the sooner you’ll succeed.

Be careful with how you spend borrowed money

Leverage credit, but don’t spend the money on VANITY expenditures. Don’t get an office until it’s necessary. Print simple business cards instead of expensive, fancy ones. You get the drift? Use your income to fund those later on.


Mind your receivables

Make sure your receivables policy won’t SINK you. You need to make sure your payment policy is sound. Don’t offer terms based on what your customers will want, base it on what will make your business successful. If this means doing cash on delivery – then so be it!

Build up your sweat equity

All the long days you’re putting in are not for nothing. You’re building a BRAND and your hard work is increasing the value of your business every day. This will help you later on when you decide to get an investor or a business partner.

Do low-cost marketing

There are ways to get a BUZZ on your business without breaking the bank. Use social media to connect with potential customers. Reach out to local media. Do ex-deals with influencers.

Hustle your way to success

HARDWORK is an absolute necessity when you’re starting a business with little capital. You must be prepared to dedicate everything you have to making it a success. You’re most likely going to be a one-man team until you can afford your first staff.


IDEA first before CAPITAL. Don’t let the lack of funds hold you back from becoming an entrepreneur.

Photo credits: swister and dolmansaxlil