How To Write a Resume If You’re A Remote Worker

Working from home is now more acceptable for many companies, giving freelancers the opportunity to become employed and still enjoy much time freedom and escape the stress of a corporate environment.

However, how do you write a resume that shows your competency as a remote worker?

Here are a few tips:

1. Write It In Your Career Objective

Right off the bat, this tells your potential employer that you want a telecommuting job.

If remote outsourcing is not a usual practice in the company, then they’ll surely ask you about this – so be ready to help them understand that working from home doesn’t mean you’ll work only when you feel like it.

OBJECTIVE: To pursue a position as a social media manager and build an online community for businesses and brands while working from home.

2. Highlight Your Accomplishments As a Remote Worker

What are the significant accomplishments that you were able to achieve in the past while working from home? Highlight those projects and state them in your work experience.

Community Manager

  • Managed the Facebook Page of Company Y and grew their fan base by 300% over a period of 6 months.
  • Organized social media marketing promotions that helped increase company revenue by 15%
  • Worked remotely 4 days a week, went to the office on Fridays to discuss the week’s activities with supervisors
  • 3. Mention Your Home Office Setup

    In your work experience, you may also put subtle mentions on how your home office is set up to tell your potential employer that you are a professional and not someone who just works in their pajamas, typing on a laptop while in the bed the whole day.

    Internet Marketer

  • Worked as a sales officer for Company W, selling service subscriptions to customers remote provinces
  • Closed approximately 30 deals per day, by working from a home-based office equipped with a high-speed Internet connection, VOIP phone and CRM software
  • 4. Describe How You Work With Others

    Show your potential employer that you are a team player, despite being at home, by highlighting in your work experience how you accomplish tasks that involve others, especially fellow remote workers.

    Technical Support

  • Handled email correspondences from customers needing technical support for Company Z
  • Created a wiki page to encourage knowledge sharing with other technical support representatives
  • Hosted weekly teleconferences with colleagues to discuss unresolved support tickets and share skills improvement strategies
  • Today’s technologies are allowing more and more people to do their jobs from the comforts of their home.

    When writing your curriculum vitae, make sure that your work experience highlights these strengths, and prove to your potential employer that you can be as efficient and effective in your job, as the traditional, cubicle-working, employees – sometimes even better.

    Photo credit: bordignon

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