How To Write Awesome Blog Posts


Below are nine visual tips that will turn your blog posts from boring to awesome.


When your blog post title is uninteresting, then people will not click the link to read it when they see it on search results, or in social media. Make your titles intriguing and exciting. And thank you if you think the title of this blog post is awesome.


As long as your blog post can be understood, then any wrong grammar is forgivable. But misspellings should be avoided, because after all, how hard is it to use a spell-checker? (Btw, there are many ways to spell spell-checker, but we decided to use what’s given by Mr. Webster.


A thick paragraph can scare your reader away. Make your blog post easy on the eyes by dividing them into small paragraphs with only 2-3 sentences each. Just like what we’re doing here.


Create a list-type article and people will be more than willing to check out and scan through your blog post. If they find it good, they’ll go back and read through the post. And please leave a comment below if you scanned through this post first, then went back and read the text in between the photos.


When you’re writing a long blog post, use sub-headings to give your reader some room to pause and digest your content. Plus, it creates a visual division of texts and paragraphs, making it less overwhelming.


Not just photos, you can also use videos, graphs and tables.


Additionally, most people love learning new and interesting information. When you give them these, they’ll also more likely to share it to their friends.


Just like a good story or novel, you can apply the same elements of dramatic structure to give your readers the same effect as reading a literary masterpiece. Read more writing tips here: Rules of Good Copywriting


Finally, make your blog post stand out from other articles on the internet that are discussing the same topic as what you’re writing by giving it some personal touch. Plus, you get positive karma from search engines for your unique content.

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