Managing Work-Life Balance As a Solo Parent

Balancing work and family life as a solo parent can be difficult, and there are unique challenges that those who work from home have.

First, there is a tendency to be more of a parent than a worker at home. You notice more the needs of your child before your client. And it’s normal to put family first before work.

Achieving the balance requires great time management. There are things that can’t be done at the same time.

One of the best ways is to stick to your work schedule. Let everyone in your house know your working hours, and discourage them from disturbing you during those times except for emergencies.

It is necessary to let your family know, particularly your child, why your work is important.

In addition, establishing a working space or a mini-office at home can be of great help. Creating a conducive physical working area increases productivity and can also set the minds of those with you at home that you need to work.

Make sure to explain the importance of that personal space to you, but leave a corridor where they can reach you when needed.

Preparation is key especially when you have kids that attend school. Before you all go to bed, it is best to prepare the things they need at school for the next day.

Panicking at missing items right before you work can lead to less concentration and focus, reducing the quality of your production.

Teach your adolescent kids the responsibility of taking care of their personal things. This not only reduces the time preparing but also ingrains in them the importance of independence.

Next, work on the urgent tasks for the client first. This will leave you with the easier tasks which can be dealt with later in the day, thereby giving you some time off to deal with the urgent matters at home.

Lastly, get all the help you can get. Like most traditional Filipino families that are nuclear, being a solo parent involves living with your relatives, most likely with your own parents.

Ask them for help when house duties are getting overwhelming. Accepting help will relieve you of stress and worry so you can work better for your client.

Being a solo parent and working at home can be daunting but it can be managed — to which proper communication, time management, and foresight are keys.

Photo credit: Kathryn

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