Minimizing Expenses While Maximizing Productivity When Working From Home

Nobody’s excited to pay their monthly bills; seeing your hard-earned money go to such expenses isn’t really something we look forward to.

However, as someone who works from home, I’ve discovered non-conventional but effective ways to minimize costs and maximize productivity that I’d like to share with you today.

First, when working during daytime, make use of natural lighting from the sun. It’s best to work near windows to maximize visibility of your work station during the day. Position your computer monitor where it won’t have glares from the outside.

Meanwhile at night, you can use a small desk lamp to provide lighting rather than an overhead light. A low wattage floor lamp can likewise help. These setup has also been found to reduce eyestrain when working at night.

Use energy-efficient appliances to help cut your electric bill. These kind of appliances are prevalent and available almost everywhere today. Their price tag can be a bit higher than your normal appliance, but the energy and money you save will make up for it in the long run. It helps to check for reviews online to see which among them are the best choices for your home.

Turn off unnecessarily running appliances while working to further reduce expenses. An open television can be a distraction apart from adding costs to your electric bill, especially if nobody’s really watching. Instead, listen to music through online streaming sites or use a music player; but make sure that the songs don’t disturb your efficiency.

Freelancers who have a flexible schedule can work during times when the Internet connection is fast. This reduces the load time of tools so more work is completed during the shift. Check the speeds of the ISPs by asking around and subscribe to the best provider during your chosen working hours.

Remember, the goal of reducing your household bills does not mean you have to sacrifice your productivity. Being mindful of your expenses can help you focus at work, since there is a conscious effort to get things done using less, but right, resources. The extra income or money generated by these belt-tightening methods can, in one way or another, boost the drive to do better, too.

Photo credit: bernardoh

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