Productivity Hack: Switch Between Boss Mode and Employee Mode

If you’re a solopreneur, freelancer or small business owner, your day to day can get a bit hectic. I know, I’m the same way. Between managing my todo list, maintaining a website, finding leads and everything else, things get a bit too crazy during the week. How do you take care of it all?

Tip: Switch between “boss mode” and “employee mode”

When you are in boss mode, you are making the big boy (or girl) decisions that map out the fate of your business. This might be as long term as creating a mission+vision or as short term as building tomorrow’s todo list.

The important thing is that when you are in this mindset, act as if you are the leader.

Set a course, create objectives and make sales targets for your employees. Even if you are your only employee. I usually set aside an hour or two for this a day, but you can take longer if you have bigger and hairier goals.

Once that’s done, switch back to “employee mode”.

For many of us, this is the more comfortable mode between the two. It’s where we do stuff, create value and share our talents with the company, our customers and the world.

Here you act out whatever “boss mode” told you to do, strictly following orders. You might question some of those orders but don’t do so unless there is a good reason or else you won’t get things done!

The great thing about being in “employee mode” is that you are free to focus on small details and revel when you finish a job. You don’t need to think about the big picture until you’re back in “boss mode” which lets you pour all your focus into your work.

If you’re flustered managing all your work-to-be-done, try this and I assure you that you will recover some of the sanity you’ve been losing.

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