Rules of Good Copywriting

Just some pointers we picked up along the way.

1) Think like the customer. Sometimes it’s not the client but his own customer, the one buying his stuff. Will he like your copy or not? Corollary to that means you need to find out who the target market is.

2) Inject the right emotions into the copy. If it’s a busy executive, then be short and give just the info. If it’s a mom, some heart and maybe words to trigger compassion will help.

3) Keep it only as long as it ought to be. If it feels too long, it really is. Ditto for short copy.

4) Don’t forget, copy is the whole package. The formatting, images, headers and title. Everything should work towards the goal of the copy, not against it.

5) And yes, make your benefits clear. Doing so, you eliminate those you are not targeting while making those who you want to buy read on.


AIDA: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action. It’s a classic and still works very well, thank you.

Squeeze Pages / Landing Pages. This is essentially what we are offering for our Sales Copy service.

Copywriting, the easy way

Helpful Reads

Excellent writing won’t be possible without a love for reading so read as much as you can get your hands on each day! Here are other writing articles that I’ve found quite useful in improving technique, increasing your skill and letting you write better in a shorter amount of time.

These are required reading. There will be a test. (kidding)

Now, go & start making great copy!

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