50 Little Secrets to Easy Content Creation

by enim

The newest trend online? Information overload.

This fact creates a challenge to website owners as they would have to compete with other blogs and other websites to get traffic from their target market, who can consequently define the popularity and future success of their business.

Since we are living in a “copy-paste”, passive world where netizens are fond of judging a book by its cover, it’s not just enough to have all the information your target audience needs. It’s now also a must to present these pieces of information in the most eye-hostaging manner to keep them nailed on their seats. And thus…

Uniqueness and creativity plays a vital role.

So if you’re having a hard time thinking what to post on your site, then here are 50 ways you can try to make content creation easier and faster.


Writing Articles is Still Your Site’s Best Solution

  1. Give an old topic a new, fresher angle.
  2. Share stories about how people discovered your product or service.
  3. Write your personal success story.
  4. Let your readers know how to maximize what you offer by writing extra tips and specific instructions.
  5. Turn one topic into a saga. Be sure to make it sound like an interesting novel too.
  6. Reveal what’s behind your name. For example, explain how you came up with the name of your company, magazine, book, etc.
  7. Share sad stories with your readers, such as a downfall of a prominent person or company and relate it to your own agenda.
  8. Do a Sherlock Holmes mission. Investigate how other individuals or companies might overtake your target audience and warn them about it.
  9. Discuss pressing issues relating to your business, scrutinize public opinion, and present your own stand.
  10. Recycle older posts for new visitors. And we have writers who can do this for you here.


Hand-cuff your Audience with Captivating Visuals

  1. It’s always fun to read infographics. It’s brief and concise nature makes information easy to remember. We have people who can make one for you here.
  2. Targeting youngsters? Try making use of doodle art to get your message across.
  3. Who will ever forget the classic comics? Make it cool and entertaining, yet informative.
  4. Use memes to break the monotony. It’s nice to have a good laugh from time to time.
  5. Pair an editorial cartoon with your output on tip #9.
  6. Publish a photo story.
  7. Create graphs to easily track progress of something your audience might be interested to know.
  8. Incorporate maps if you specialize in travel-related services.
  9. Draw a model that highlights your main points in the article.
  10. Flaunt your product’s poster. The picture must create a drama of why your target market needs it badly.


Make Multimedia Technology your Ultimate Bestfriend

  1. Build a virtual classroom setting by using whiteboard animations.
  2. Create an animated character who will advertise your product or service. A single character who looks appealing to the people in general would likely become popular.
  3. Video tutorials may excite your target market to try your product or service. Check out our video creation and editing jobs here.
  4. If you’re hosting a travel blog, try having a weekly show featuring suggested weekend getaway.
  5. If possible, put a game on your site that demonstrates what people will get if they decide to work with you.
  6. Showcase a short clip that introduces you or your team.
  7. Produce a short film. Play on the emotions of your audience.
  8. Shoot videos on testimonials and feedbacks of your customers.
  9. Create clips that prove the reliability and durability of your product.
  10. Publish daily episodes that correspond to tip #5.


Opt for More Interactive Features

  1. For some, it’s quite addictive to take quizzes that help them get to know themselves more. Use quizzes to produce awesome content. Check out our quiz here: What kind of writer are you?
  2. Conduct surveys to help you improve your site’s content.
  3. Choose a daily topic for discussion and encourage your site visitors to actively participate.
  4. Invite a guest of the day, week, or month to start a forum.
  5. Never forget to remind your audience to leave a comment or suggestion on your page regarding your content.
  6. Challenge your audience to do something. For example, ask them to take the most unique selfie showing your company’s logo.
  7. Of course, offer a prize or incentive in return for the winner of the challenge you’ve posted.
  8. Feature the most active site visitor and offer rewards.
  9. Let your audience write an article for your site.
  10. Choose a number of regular product users and ask them through your site what keeps them coming back for more.


Finalizing, Polishing and Publishing the Output

  1. Ask three to five individuals to critic the output. If it’s a visual art, consult artists.
  2. Edit it yourself or ask a friend to finalize everything.
  3. Check if the goal was hit.
  4. Link your page to social media sites to garner more traffic.
  5. Publish the output during the time of the day when your target visitors are usually online.
  6. Be sure to respond quickly when someone comments on the output.
  7. Double-check facts on the articles.
  8. Do an honest and constructive evaluation of the output.
  9. Collaborate with your team to continually improve your site’s content.
  10. Take a break from time to time to jumpstart creativity.

Bonus Tip: Repurpose your content

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