Small Business: Tips For Managing Your Facebook Page

With over a billion of active Facebook users, how come only few seems to have reached my business page? How come my page has only few likes, few comments and just crickets?

These are among the questions a small business owner may ask.

Whether your business is home based or storefront, a Facebook page is definitely one of your must-haves. It is easy to set-up and free of charge. According to SproutSocial, this kind of powerful network should definitely be put to good use.

But, how can we effectively manage our Facebook Page?

1. Show Off Your Brand

Most of the Facebook users do a quick skim through Facebook pages, then move to another one. It means that you may only have a few seconds to make a good impression.

Among the first things the users view are your profile and cover photo. These photos should be captivating and could easily be associated with your brand.

The ‘About’ description should be written in a short and sweet way. Like a typical website, do not forget to set your call to action. Though a mere accessory, intro video may captivate other audience who are more intrigue in watching than reading.

2. Be one with your Audience

Understand the behavior of your audience by looking at how they respond to a particular post or activity. Speak and write the language that your audience use. Your audience will feel your connection to them when you mimic or adopt their behavior.

Sharing post in your feed should be interesting and engaging like asking a chicken and egg questions, sharing an infographic or sharing a tutorial. You may also share photos and videos with few words but captivating descriptions.

3. Test, Monitor and Reassess Your Facebook Strategy

You may test first your Facebook Strategy to see how your audience responded to a particular number of your post in a day. Postplanner advised that there is no abso-lute rule on how often a Page should post to boost fan engagement. It varies from business and fans.

Understand which part of your strategy is working and which part is not. ‘The insight ’ tab will help you monitor your recent post and how much number you have reached. You may export the statistical data into a spreadsheet if you want to dig a little deeper and see other statistics that are not shown on insight.

You may solicit a feedback directly from your customers. Although the results may appear discouraging, especially for a small business owner, you should stay focused on the goals you set. It is okay to go back to your goals and then develop your new Facebook strategy. Improvement is a cycle where the business can grow.

4. Quick to Respond and Sincere when Reaching Out

You must be able to accommodate your customer immediately considering that there is a huge competition. The customers might be promptly accommodated by your competitors.

You may edit in your Facebook Page Settings your response time, which will appear in your Page. Otherwise, you may state in your ‘About’ information the alternative contact detail where you are easier to reach.

The SocialMediaExaminer advised that you use your Facebook page instead of your personal account when interacting with your audience or other users. This can also be a strategic way of building an alliance with other business.

When their audience sees your comments, they’ll most likely click on your Page. Just make sure that you wouldn’t overdo it that it would appear insincere, deceiving, or annoying.

5. Extend Your Reach through Facebook Ad

You may allocate a fund for Facebook Ad which will surely boost the number of your reach. According to AdEspresso, the best time to opt for Facebook Ad is when the number of reach has become limited to the number of users that have already search your business on Facebook.

This is how Wakaberry, a frozen yogurt bar, boost its sales. Though with only a limited budget for ads, they created a summer advertis-ing campaign. They gained the best ad investment return.

After considering the above steps, you may then take pride in your work. You may share your Facebook Page on your website and other social networks. You may include the URL in your business card. Facebook Messenger now features code generation which you may add to your business card. Through this, your customers can easily find you by just scanning the code.

Facebook is making an update from time to time in order to be of better service both for buyers and sellers. You can do this by bookmarking the Facebook Page Help Center, following their blog or reading online news. In this way, you’ll be able to maximize the use of their improved services.

For now, remember to effectively manage your Facebook Page by showing a strong brand and being one with your audience. You should monitor and reassess your strategy. Reach out to your audience and try Facebook Ad. Also, keep in mind that investing in honesty and good reputation will pay off.

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