The Power of Duplicating Yourself


by kbangeles04

Majority of the adult population are pre-occupied with work and other duties that they tend to forget to set aside an “alone time”. Wanting to earn and save as much, most people would sacrifice a portion of their time and accommodate more work.

While aiming to increase your earning potential, you should also take into consideration that you are a human being too – someone who feels stressed and exhausted, trying to find a wholesome balance between work and personal life.

Want to get more work done? Leverage is the Key!

The idea of leveraging has been a common knowledge to most of us. However, a lot of people fail to implement the right tactics and tend to give up so easily.

If done correctly, it shall yield its promise of rewarding you with compensation that is not directly associated with hours worked. So, let’s explore the options and embrace the power of duplicating oneself.

Here are some options you might want to consider. Learn how to apply them correctly and stir yourself to the right direction.


As much as you want to take control of every little detail of your work, you can only do so much. In this case, it is best to outsource small tasks so you can concentrate on the more important aspects; thus, allowing you to increase your earning potential.

The key here is to hire a skillful worker who can deliver great results with very little supervision. This way, you get lesser workload without sacrificing the quality of work.

Work with a group

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that one can earn more money while exerting lesser efforts in working with a group of people at a certain time, than dealing with them as individual clients.

Creating a workshop, webinar or a mentoring group is one of most cost-effective and recommended ways of putting this concept into action. As you get higher, people shall be willing to pay a higher price just to be a part of this program.

Additionally, this strategy might be more amenable for some clients who are on a tight budget.

Create a product

Creating and selling a product is an excellent strategy one can have. This is a great solution as you only have to create it once and sell it for a number of times. Thus, allowing you to enjoy the profit as you move on and work on the succeeding tasks on your list.

If you are someone who earn by providing consulting services to different clients, it is time to bring out your creativity and turn your service into something you can sell. One possible solution is to put your thoughts into writing and produce an e-book. This way, people can get professional advices without setting up an appointment with you.

Leveraging is a great weapon to arm yourself with. However, it can only be advantageous if used correctly. So, master the art of leveraging and reap the rewards of having a fat paycheck and look forward to a great weekend with your family.

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