Tips on Marketing for Small and Micro Businesses

As an owner of a small or a micro business, you’ll learn that the first few days of running the business can be bittersweet. While you’re 50% optimistic about future business growth, you’re also 50% anxious about the responsibility – the big, big responsibility that you signed up for.

At the starting phase, a plethora of doubts can cloud your mind. “What if the business won’t prosper?”, “What if I’m incompetent to run the business?” or “What if the business nears bankruptcy?” are probably some of your concerns.

By the looks of it, you’re in a state of panic. While you see the promising potentials of your business, you also realize an undesirable possibility: there’s a chance that you’ll end up wasting resources.

So, do you let panic get the best of you? Of course, you do not. Here are a few tips that you should remember to ease the anxiety.

Strive for Independence

A fundamental role in the success of businesses belongs to the owner. You should work in the business first to learn how everything operates, including your marketing efforts.

Set a sales goal, and see how you can work within a set initial budget. A business will not survive if it has no customers, so it’s vital to learn how to market, especially as a business owner.

However, don’t take too long before having yourself replaced in the marketing role. That is because, the ultimate goal really is to build a business that runs independently from you.

Study your options between: doing it yourself, outsourcing to a freelancer, and hiring a professional. Which one produces the most efficient result with respect to your time and marketing budget?

Choose the one which makes more sense but slowly strive for independence. So you can focus on business development, an area where you as the owner is more vital.

Attract Your Target Audience

Another concern of business owners when it comes to marketing is where to start.

In this case, remember that it all begins with knowing who your target audience is. And then making sure that your products are reaching out and providing good value to them.

A common marketing mistake is catering to the general public. This is a mistake for two reasons:

  1. Not everybody is interested in the same products and services
  2. Not everybody wants particular products and services offered to them

Instead, and as a way to jumpstart your marketing efforts, choose to focus on a target audience– a specific niche if possible. Prioritize the needs of this group by putting yourself in their shoes. If you were in their place, what do you expect from a provider of products and services such as your business?

Meet those expectations and you will surely attract your target audience.

Let the Internet Work Wonders

Nowadays, it’s relatively easy for many people to go on the internet, and search for their desired products and services. This is where online directories enter the picture.

Getting your business enlisted in online directories is an excellent marketing approach. It puts the name of your business out there – to be viewable by potential customers.

Search for your competitors and see where they are listed. Then have your business listed together with them. Getting included in online directories are normally free and easy to set up.

To end, let me give you a few more tips on how to promote your business online:

  • Build a professional website. Make sure that it discusses the ventures of your business, and features your products and services.
  • Make sure that your business has a positive online reputation. Encourage customers to share testimonials on your social media accounts. And always be on guard to properly handle negative feedback.
  • Create a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a Twitter account, and other free and easily maintainable accounts on social media. Go where your target audience spends that most time in, and make sure to update all of them regularly, too!

The Bottom Line: The Success of Your Business Lies in You

As a business-owner, it’s up to you to let your business succeed. Marketing is an important part in letting your business reach new heights, so make sure you have a brilliant marketing plan in place.

If your current business is one of your first ventures (or, if this is your first ever venture), avoid giving in to discouragement easily. Just stick to the advice of experienced entrepreneurs and let marketing do its magic on your behalf.

Like the classic saying goes, “if you have a will, you can figure out a way.” Remember, you’re in charge of propelling your business towards success!

As long as you’re willing to create and follow a genius plan, there’s no reason for you to lack confidence as you put a marketing campaign in action. There’s also no reason to be anxious about the growth potential of your business!

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