Infographic: Top 10 Philippine Brands on Facebook

Today, we take a look at Philippine brands who has the strongest presence on Facebook.

While most of these are multinational companies, their Philippine counterparts have been able to leverage on social media to garner the most number of fans on Facebook and build a community of brand advocates under their name.


Top 10 Philippine Brands on Facebook
1. Nescafe Philippines
2. Kit Kat Philippines
3. Smart Communications, Inc.
4. Starbucks Philippines
5. KFC Philippines
6. Lazada Philippines
7. Sun Prepaid
8. Warner Bros. Pictures Philippines
9. Globe Telecom
10. Axe Philippines

Are you a fan of any of these pages? Which brand surprised you that they’re included in the list? What brand did you expect to see here but didn’t?

Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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