Top 6 Ways To Become More Persuasive When Selling

by kristinecruz

Getting a customer to give that elusive ‘yes’ will always be the main goal for many professionals. Whether you’re in marketing, sales, an entrepreneur or even from a different industry entirely, your success depends on influencing and persuading potential clients.

For over six decades, researchers have been studying the science of persuasion. Their findings revealed six universal principles that affect people’s decisions and taking advantage of them can help you increase your persuasive power.

1. Reciprocity
We all get that warm feeling when we give to other people. In that same way, when someone gives you a gift, you get that feeling of needing to reciprocate. The giver now has influence or power over the receiver.

Haven’t you felt the need to at least listen to someone’s pitch when you take a free sample at the supermarket? When a friend invites you to a party, don’t you feel the urge to invite them to your next one?

The key to influencing a customer using reciprocity is to make sure the act of giving a gift or service is unexpected, personalized and has value to them.

2. Scarcity
Tech giant Apple is an expert at using the principle of scarcity. When a product is running out, people are more likely to buy it as they’re scared of not getting in on the deal.

Consumers are more influenced into purchasing if they feel they stand to lose an advantage, rather than gaining one. As a persuader, make sure to tell people what they will lose out on if they don’t consider what you’re proposing.


3. Authority
If you put two similar products side-by-side, the one with more expert testimonials will sell better. The importance of review sites like Yelp or the reviews section of Amazon shows that consumers are wary of untested products and services.

Testimonials are a shortcut to making a sound decision and in today’s busy times, people rely more on it than ever before. Establishing authority is one step to gaining the trust of consumers so even a short but positive review from others in your field will be a boost to your credibility.

4. Consistency
Being seen as consistent by others is a great influencer. When a person makes a public commitment, the chances of them following through are especially high.

This is why it’s important to not focus on getting customers to agree to big decisions. If you get them to do even a small movement in the way you want them to go and you highlight the progress they’ve already taken, they’re more likely to agree to more requests.

A great way to get people to commit is to ask them to write down what product or service they want to get from you so they’re anchored to your business.


5. Liking
Simply put, friends influence us more than strangers do. It’s common sense that we prefer to do business with people we like or who are like us.

Establishing rapport with a customer is especially important in the age of social media. You need to make sure that you and your business are able to connect with your audience. A great way to do this is by sharing insightful information about yourself on social media or personalizing newsletters with the receiver’s name.

6. Consensus
While expert opinions are highly regarded, the opinions of a consumer’s peers are even more valuable. They feel that their fellow consumers don’t have ulterior motives so it’s easier to trust them.

Embracing the consensus rather than fighting it feels safer and consumers believe it will lead to a satisfying purchase or transaction. This is an important principle that will gain influence and trust.

Companies would greatly benefit if they make peer reviews available and ensure that they’re as relevant and personal as possible.

With all the overwhelming amount of information that we receive every day, consumers don’t consider all available information when they make decisions.

These six principles are the shortcuts we use that influence whether we say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, so adapting your strategy around them is sure to boost your sales!

Photo credits: reihayashi, vinothchandar and matthampel

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