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There are many reasons why being a writer is awesome

  1. Writers are some of the happiest workers in the world.
  2. Writers are quick thinkers which makes them ideal for leadership positions.
  3. Writers can work anywhere, at any time. Well, as long as there’s internet of course.
  4. Writers are better in bed. Basta writer, sweet lover.
  5. Writers have a great sense of humor. Some don’t show it often though.
  6. Writers have the best job titles. Author, playwright, advisor, even CEO.
  7. Writers can create something out of nothing.
  8. Writers make the best coffee.
  9. Writers are not afraid of facing challenges head on.
  10. Writers are wise beyond their years.

Okay, some of the stuff I wrote above might not be 100% true. Nonetheless, being a writer is still one of the best jobs out there. Imagine being able to be part of any kind of project, from websites and fanpages to debates and conferences. Fact: the entire internet is made up of words, even the pictures (which are just 1,000 words, truth be told).

Why do I keep pining about writers and writing? Because I have my very own writing challenge going on! The mechanics are simple: write 300 words a day and share it with your writing friends. Simple but darn it, it can be quite a struggle to get your 300 words in for the day.

You see, writing is like a muscle; you need to exercise it daily to keep your edge. Once you’re back in shape, that’s when we do the fancy stuff like correct grammar and spelling. So it’s great for beginners who aren’t writing right just yet, and also for advanced writers who have gotten a bit rusty and stopped writing regularly.

To make it even easier to start, you have a support group of other people in the same challenge as you. We’re here to back each other up, like an online Writers Anonymous. We also include writing prompts, writing tips and writing mentors who are more than willing to help.

Have I convinced you yet? All you need go to our Facebook Group below and click Join!

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