We Changed Our Tagline and Here’s Why


Today, we changed the tagline of 199Jobs to better fit our site’s goal. It now says “Helping your business get things done, starting at P199.” and the former tagline was moved down to the subtagline.

Why do this?

Well, it was sparked by one of the people that we look up to, Jojy Azurin. Yesterday, during a talk, he discussed a bit about USP, or your unique selling proposition. I won’t go deep into it but basically it’s a one sentence summary of why people should buy from your business.

“It should be about the solution you provide for your customer’s problems.”

Take note that the USP does not talk about your product since a) companies have more than one product, b) products can come and go and c) nobody cares about you (your product) but they do care about themselves (their problem). So we changed our own tagline to be more of a “what you get from us” rather than “what we offer to you”

The Breakdown of the Tagline

By saying that we “help”, we emphasize that we excel at customer service and that means that often times, your help will come from a person and not software. That’s the default mindset of many Filipinos anyway. Just check out the mall: who do they ask directions from, the guard or the touchscreen?

We also added “your business” so that it’s clear we only help with business concerns. Things like marketing, promotions, admin work, etc. We didn’t qualify what the business is though cause we can help any type of business, from top corporations to freelancers.

We also purposefully didn’t qualify what “things” we can get done, at least in the main USP. We’re hoping that since you’re on our site that what you need is something that’s digital and can be delivered online. Of course, that’s not always the case but a few second of reading our secondary tagline and browsing the site will clear this up.

But we do “get things done” in a sense that there is almost no limit to what we can help you with. After all, your concern is to finish your work, right? So you only need someone who can help you out.

Our emphasis is on “done” not “perfect”. After all, done work is over with and you can move on while perfect often makes you spend an inordinate amount of time for a negligible improvement. Not an ideal way to run a business.

And we saved the best for last, “starting at P199”. We focus on the affordability of the price as well as planting the seed that this is the “starting” price. Yes, all jobs and services here can be bought for P199, to start. Most go over that and P199 is really just to tickle your fancy and try things out at a very low risk manner. But we don’t expect you to just stick to P199 though and often people do spend more to get more stuff done.

Our Focus

The tagline/USP also sets the focus of the company. We are helpful; our response times to queries are often measured in minutes, not hours. We are aligned with your business goals by “getting things done”. We are affordable but not cheap.

We do hope that this will make 199Jobs a better fit to what people need from online services.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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