We Have a New Look!


Today, we’re proud to officially roll out the new look of 199Jobs. We’ve made it cleaner, more visually engaging, and best of all, it’s now responsive to mobile users.

Other than that, here’s a rundown of the important changes and improvements on the site.

First, the front page has been overhauled, which now features categories and jobs in a tiled layout. We decided to show the most popular categories by default for easier access. Just click “Show Other Categories” to reveal the rest.


Moreover, we now show four Featured jobs, as well as an “Express” ribbon for jobs that can be delivered within 24 hours, useful for Buyers who have urgent requirements.

Also, when you mouse over a job, the tile extends to reveal the name of the Seller, ratings and number of jobs already sold for the specific job. This gives Buyers a quick overview about the Seller.


For the job page, everything now looks bigger and less cluttered. The job image is now enlarged at 682px wide by 429px high. Furthermore, two important additions here are:

  • Jobs can now have taglines, which Sellers can use to describe their unique selling proposition to Buyers.
  • Jobs must now have deliverables, so it will be clear to Buyers what they’ll be getting from the Seller.


Once logged in, the first thing you’ll notice is that we moved the menu to the left side, which is a more intuitive location.

For Sellers, the “My Account” page now shows your available balance and details on income pending payments because we know this is important for you.


For Buyers, the “My Account” page looks similar, with Store Credit balance and Free Jobs available showing instead after the Todo list.


Our objective for the redesign is to make the user experience much smoother and more intuitive. We simplified the layout and removed what’s unnecessary, so that it will be easier for you to find what you need.

We hope that you like our new look. Special thanks goes out to all the Sellers and Buyers who worked with us during testing namely: promptu, lesterronquillo, JorgeCattail, t0lan, graemehoppitt, HervieF, maisongalia, jayr and engineering.

What can you say about the changes we’ve done? What do you like and don’t like about it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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