Weekly Roundup: Bullseye For The Archers


Over the weekend, the Green Archers hit a bullseye when they won Game 3 of the Championships over UST to capture the UAAP Season 76 crown for the Men’s Basketball Senior Division. Congrats to La Salle!

Below are some articles written last week, which also hit a bullseye when it comes to productivity, design, business and freelancing.


Do you use Google Calendar as a productivity tool? If not, then you should because it’s more than what it seems. Here’s a 7-minute video that shows 5 Hidden Google Calendar Gems by Steve Dotto.


When Apple rolled out iOS 7, a lot of iPhone and iPad apps updated their interface to match the flat design of the new operating system. Last week, Manuel Garcia of Designer’s Hub gave us a run-down of 25 iOS 7 App Designs, Concepts and Redesigns

Visit the link and see how your favorite social media apps look today.


Planning to franchise a business? NegoSentro gives us 5 Scorchingly Hot Business Franchise Advantages:

  1. High success rate
  2. Recognized brand and trademark
  3. Business coaching
  4. Ease in financing
  5. Huge profits

Visit the link and see the infographic we created that explains these five advantages better.


Lastly, Celine Roque shares in her Pinoy500 blog how to do the negotiation technique called “Dig Deeper”, which can help freelancers get the price rate they deserve for their work. She writes:

[When] a client tries to negotiate your rate down by asking questions like:

  • “I’m on a budget, can you reduce that rate a bit?”
  • “Why is your pricing higher than most? I’ve seen people charge much lower for this.”
  • “Why are you charging this much when this job is easy? I could do it in 15 minutes.”

Rather than answering the question at face value, dig deeper. Why are they asking you that? What hidden assumptions or beliefs do they have that causes them to ask you that question? How can you address their concerns in a way that makes them more than happy to pay you at your standard rate?

Read the whole article and learn more about this technique in her article entitled, “Wala na bang ibababa yan?”.

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