Weekly Roundup: Escaping A Zombie Apocalypse


Zombies don’t exist in real life, or do they?

We believe so… not in the literal sense but in the form of corporate slaves who are mindlessly wasting their time instead of working towards achieving meaningful life goals.

This week’s weekly roundup focuses on how you can escape the life of mediocrity, and prevent your inner zombie from taking over your future.

We hope you enjoy reading, watching and listening to these blog posts, as much as we did.


Over at Semidoppel’s Reports, the article, On Warmth, Living and Everything Else Human, explains in better detail the zombie analogy that we described above and then challenges us to be more productive with our lives.

[Zombies] have forgotten the essential things in life. What is left with them are basic motor skills, instinct and craving for human flesh. People forget things in the same way. Though we don’t crave for human meat, it is when we can no longer see the big picture that we miss the essentials of life. What made these zombies enjoy brains is the momentary experience of reliving the things that make us human: sunlight, greens, fireworks, friends, adventure, excitement, smiles, kisses, passion, touch and all things we now find insignificant amidst the loads of practical things that we need to deal with.

Social Media

We think Facebook is one of the top reasons why they are so many Filipino zombies at work and at home. While this social network has many good uses, it’s sad that a lot of people use it to procrastinate on important tasks.

Last week, Pinoy Social Media published an Interactive Graph of Facebook Users in the Philippines which shows that as of October 2013, there are now around 34 million Facebook users in the Philippines.

Wow! That’s 10 million more than the population of Australia!


Tired of reading blog articles? Then listen to Eskapology’s latest podcast entitled, Cautious Entrepreneurship: Faster, Better, and Safer Way To Start A Business.

What is Cautious Entrepreneurship? Jon Orana describes it as:

Cautious (Maingat) Entrepreneurship is a breakthrough approach in business that will reduce your risk of failing while increasing your chance of succeeding in business. Thus, you make more money faster and your return of investment.


Finally, we have 199Jobs co-founder Fitz Villafuerte featuring a great video on How To Expand Your Network and Meet People That Will Help You Succeed in Life.

The post gives us a short animated video by Lisa Green Chau, which freelancers would certainly benefit from so they can leverage their own network and open themselves to opportunities, and be not like a zombie stuck at home.

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