Weekly Roundup: Living Life to the Fullest


by Yesha

Christmas is coming, which only means that there are a lot of unexpected things about to happen, such as sleepless nights, work deadlines, rising commodities.

These things should never stop you to be fully positive and productive because living your life to the fullest means being happy and doing what you love most. I’m looking forward that this weekly roundup can help you be inspired.

Whether you’re a student, an employee or a person who only stays at home, we cannot deny the fact that we always look for different ways to be productive. Being productive is really great, but the question here is, do we really exactly know what being productive really means?

Exhausting yourself too much to finish loads of work isn’t really being productive as well as sleeping the whole day won’t also get you anywhere. Here is Why You’re 2 Steps Aways From A More Productive Day, a great article you could read on to help you have a more healthy and productive life.

Social Media
We always use social media as a way of communicating to different persons; either to our relatives, friends or even strangers. What’s great about social media is that we can also use this for other things, such as for business which makes us thinks that social media is the real deal for getting famous and successful.

We have 5 Tips To Master Pinterest For Business a great help to familiarize yourself more about Pinterest, a social media which is evidently can help boost your business.


Having your own business is somehow considered as the key for a successful life. There are many advantages and good things about owning a business, such as having a more flexible lifestyle, being in control, making yourself financially stable as well as having the chance to help people by offering jobs.

If you already considered starting a business, you may already know the basics and the fact that creating a great product alone will never be enough to compete strongly on the market. So, here’s 10 Reasons Why Top Sales People are Successful to inspire you and have a better understanding on planning your business.

As a freelancer we often use different computer applications and programs to act as our daily assistant because we know that these things can truly help us be more competent. We usually call them buddies, and it’s really crucial that they help us with our works especially with freelancers who do multi-tasking.

So, without further ado I offer you this article about Instagram that consists of tips and what to do to use it on your computer –and yes! It’s possible.

For you to start living your life to the fullest is like searching for what happiness really means. And, as the saying goes “You Only Live Once”, perhaps you have to treasure every moment, don’t waste any opportunity, do what you love and take chances. In other words, be adventurous and take some risks.

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