Weekly Roundup: Seize The Day


by carpediem

The past week hasn’t been nice for us. Heavy rain has fallen, the streets have been flooded and people have traded gunshots down south. But here’s the good thing, in this weekly roundup we are going to provide you contents that will help you with finance, work or life in general. We suggest that you seize the day and absorb all the golden information we have for you.


September is about to end and the holidays are coming. “I’m going to start living healthier”. That line seems to be the most famous New Year’s resolution of all time. It’s true that living healthy will boost your productivity. But if you want to live healthy, don’t wait for the year to end, start now.

This article is your guide to a healthier and more productive life. But not only that, it also shows you how to be happier and more fulfilled.

Social Media

Since 2010, Twitter has been viral. Celebrities and athletes use it to interact with their fans. As for entrepreneurs, twitter has been their number one online marketing tool. They use it to connect with their customers and increase their sales.

In this digital age, if you own a business and you still don’t tweet about it, we suggest that you stop living inside the cave and start now. Here is everything you need to know about it and see how it works.


Starting a business is no walk in the park. It’s risky and needs a lot of planning. But if you are well prepared and you do it right, engaging in business can be rewarding.

So if you’re planning to start your own business and you want to start now. Here’s a quick guide to start a business in the Philippines.


Hate late? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Everyone does. In freelancing, dealing with late paying clients can give you stress and headache. No matter how annoying they can be, you must always keep your cool to maintain a good reputation. So if you don’t know how to deal with them? Here’s how.

Late payments usually happen in most freelancing websites. But luckily we don’t have that here in 199jobs.com. We feature a quick and safe transaction method that makes sure that payments are always on time. So what are you waiting for? Visit our site now, join us and feel the difference.

Time is gold. You’re probably tired of hearing that already. But it’s true. Procrastination hinders you to reach your goals. We encourage you to embrace the present and live life like there’s no tomorrow. So if you want to reach your goal, do something about it now.

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