What Are The BEST Ways to Get Traffic For Your Blog?

by minikitcat.


1. Blog Regularly
Being active in posting blog articles calls out to your audience quicker, especially if you write about the latest trends and news. It might be a bit tough to come up with a blog post everyday but you need to motivate yourself; doing one blog a day can make a difference.

The best blogs are those written with passion and are informative. Your blog doesn’t always have to be about the latest trends, there are many topics that your audience can find interesting. Also, posting everyday helps in your search visibility, giving you greater chances of showing up high in Google searches.

But blogging regularly will not only increase your site traffic, it will also improve your writing skills.

2. Create Catchy titles
Article titles or headlines are the bait that hooks readers on social media. When people scroll through their social feed, they’ll most likely click and read articles with catchy titles, such as those which they can relate too.

Moreover, well-written titles can also help you out in your search visibility as it allows Google to understand what your blog is about, so they can show it to people searching for such topics.

blog-traffic-23. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Without SEO, it’ll be a lot harder to be on top of search engine results. SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and it is a technical marketing strategy that uses creative words to improve your site’s visibility online.

The key for great SEO performance is “keywords”. In creating keywords, here are some few things to remember:

  1. Keywords can be phrases instead of individual words, 1-4 word phrases would work. It has to be common and familiar enough that people actually use these terms in searching.
  2. Use your keywords (or keyphrases) in your blog article. Don’t overstuff your content with it, just a couple of times will do, but be sure to mention related words or phrases in your article. And lastly;
  3. Use your Keywords on header tags. Also known as the < h1 >, < h2 >, etc. This html header tag is not just for text formatting, it also gives search engines learn what your content is about. So be sure to include your keywords there.

4. Add images or Infographics.
Today, visual content stands out. People tend to read blogs that uses graphics and appropriate images.

Pages with pure text look overwhelming to read. Images helps your readers digest your content better. It avoids strain in their eyes so they don’t get bored or tired on reading.

blog-traffic-35. Promote to your friends
Don’t underestimate the power of friendship! For new bloggers this is one of the effective ways to get people to discover your blog.

What’s good is that your friends can help you for free by simply sharing your articles on their social media accounts.

It’s best tip to message your friends and make a personal and friendly request. Don’t give them a spammy message or they’ll feel that you’re just using them. Be sincere and ask for help in promoting your blog to their social circle.

6. Share it on Social Media
Social Media is the first thing that people visit when they touch their mobile device. To some, it’s even the first thing they do when they wake up.

So it’s always best to share your website and blog articles where most people spend online. The chances of your blog being seen are high on social media, especially if you have a big network.

Aside from that there are other social networks online that you can join and discuss about your blog’s topics, such as newsgroups and online forums. Forums, in particular, are one of the best ways to get tips and have helpful discussions about your blog articles.

7. Pay for your site traffic.
When all else fails, you can always count on third party services to help you get traffic on your blog. You can try the different advertising networks and pay them to be seen by your target audience.

In Facebook, Google Adwords, and other similar services, you can promote your post to a specific target audience that you choose. Moreover, you can set your budget on how much you will pay per click on your ad. like and on how much clicks or visitors you want.

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