What is Influencer Marketing and How It Works

Marketing a product can now go beyond traditional media. Today, a brand can use social media for marketing to reach their target market.

This is called Digital Marketing, and in this article we’ll talk about a specific strategy called Influencer Marketing, and how it actually works.

Influence Marketing is an innovative form of advertising that focuses on a campaign that’s done through the collaboration of an influencer.

This influencer is a key individual that has a large following, particularly in social media. They may not be traditional celebrities, but they are famous in their niche. And as such, they have a good chance in convincing their followers to buy your product.

The focus is to get an Influencer of a specific niche and partner with them to promote the product by sharing it in their social media accounts.

Influencers with a high online engagement are the best kind to collaborate with, these influencers can be reached out for a review in exchange of free product, be hired for a long-term campaign to be a brand ambassador, or work with a one-time paid endorsement.

How and Why Influencer Marketing Works
The goal of influencer marketing is ultimately to sell. Many make the mistake of going for virality, instead of sales conversions, which is a waste of your marketing budget.

Virality is important, but it’s not necessary. Even the most simple campaigns with modest reach can produce good sales numbers, which is exactly what you want.

As an example, let’s say that you are selling a Fitness Tea and your target market are ladies aged 24 and above who are conscious with their self-image. You can tap an influencer who has a large following on Instagram, particularly a woman with the same age as your target market, and whose IG feed is focused on fitness, lifestyle, and body image.

Contact her for a possible partnership or collaboration. Send her a sample of your product and ask for feedback. If she likes it, then she’ll probably share about it to their followers. Once she posts a review of the product, her followers will then engage with the post and hopefully, will be enticed to purchase your product.

Of course, some influencers will require payment for such services, so it’s always best to have a contract or agreement to set clear terms and expectations.

Influencer marketing is a more affordable way to get brand ambassadors for your product, than getting celebrity endorsers who could cost millions to become an endorser. And at times, it has been proven to be more effective at converting to sales.

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