What Jobs Can I Offer Here at 199Jobs?

Creating your own job can be quite a challenge for some. I know, I’ve had my fair share of mental blocks while staring blankly into a job post form (and yes, I do offer my own jobs here too).

To get over this, I’d like to share a few tricks and tips I’ve discovered while creating my own jobs.

1. Offer something you love doing.
You do your best work for things that you have a burning desire to do over and over again.

This is easy to translate into a job if, for example, you love drawing or composing music or dancing. But what if your passion lies in parenting, or automotive repair, or skydiving?

My tip is to write about those things. Fuel your passion into a blog about the topics you love and soon enough you’ll be come an expert on the field and a great writer to boot.

And I’ve found that we always need great writers in the world and in business, so you’re sure to have a job.

2. Offer something popular that people want.
Browse the site and check out which jobs are the most popular. Mind you, the types of jobs you see most often are not the most sought after.

What you should do is peek into the jobs that have the most feedback and views and see if you can do those jobs too.

3. Offer something with a specific and tangible result.
While offering a teaching or consulting job is fine by us, it’s not the most popular. Why? Because it’s hard for buyers to judge your work in these types of jobs.

But if you offer a job that has an output, say an article or a logo, then buyers will be able to easily recognize your work and its value to them.

What’s more, you can use it as part of your portfolio (with the buyer’s consent, of course) and others can see if your skills are what they need.

4. Offer something you are good at. 
Speaking of skills, you need to offer something you can do well.

On the internet, you are judged by what you’ve produced and not by how many hours you’ve clocked in the office. Nor is it about how early you come to work. So make sure you can at least put in the effort to learn your craft and more importantly, keep improving over time.

The one thing that great people have in common is the drive for self-improvement.

5. Offer a deal. 
People love getting bargains, so give them some. The trick here though is not to make them expect that this new low, low price is your regular price.

Add a disclaimer and say the original price in your job. Another way is by giving a limited offer freebie as an add on. You can actually set the price of the addon to P1 so that they can get it for almost free.

You can say that your current offer is only until a certain date and expires afterwards. Or that it’s only good until you have 10 jobs sold.

So there you go, looks like you have something to wrap your brain around for a bit to help you discover the jobs you can offer. Feel free to comment below and add more ideas that you think will help people create their own P199 job.

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